The Merrill’s’ Unique Qualifications for teaching a PARENTING CLASS

BothTOM MERRILL, Ph.D., andBOBBIE SANDOZ-MERRILL, MSW, were considered among the top 5 therapists in their Honolulu community prior to reconnecting and marrying in their early 60s. Following their marriage, they co-authored Settle for More, You Can Have the Relationship You Always Wanted … Guaranteed! While on tour teaching people how to achieve loving partnerships, the Merrills realized that they wanted to expand their program to teach people was how to have LOVING LIVING ROOMS … which would include loving relationships with their children.

It just so happened that prior to their reconnection and marriage, Bobbie had been an author, parenting expert and award-winning communicator and consultant who had worked with parents, children, schools and organizations for over 30 years. Early in her career she designed a way for parents and teachers to interact with children that results in their not only being calmer, kinder, more caring and socially competent, but markedly clearer, brighter, and more conscious and joyful.

She co-founded a school and wrote a book (Parachutes for Parents) based on this unique approach and taught classes for 20 years to parents and schools throughout the Honolulu community. Over time she noticed that children exposed to this method regularly scored in the gifted range and qualified for admission to gifted programs and private schools with competitive enrollment standards. She also noticed that they were happier and more joyful children who did well in school and were liked by others.

Tom had also worked extensively with and advocating for children and received several awards for his role in starting The Kids First Program for children of divorce in Hawaii as well as The Mental Health Center of Hawaii. A trained mediator, he also uses the skills of arbitration to teach parents and children the value of “mindful cooperativeness” as a way to create the relationship they both want. It is a merging of both of their earlier programs with their Settle for More Model thatBobbie and Tom Merrill will present to parents, educators and others interested in this topic.

An Exceptional Model of Relationship Advice

Blending their insights on how to have loving partnerships with their ideas on how to be loving parents and teachers has enabled the Merrills to inspire thousands of families to achieve the LOVING LIVING ROOMS we all dream to have but have historically had trouble learning to achieve. The Merrills have solved this long-standing mystery, and give you the second half of the their discovery in theirSETTLE FOR MORE In Your PARENTING CLASS, where you will learn how to achieve kind, loving relationships with kind and loving, yet responsible children.

A Small Sampling of the Class Content & Results

The Merrills’SETTLE FOR MORE In Your PARENTING CLASS is designed for all parents who want to learn how to easily and effortlessly raise children in a cooperative, loving and positive environment … one free from arguing, “attitude” and adversarial encounters
Nationally recognized parenting expertBobbie Sandoz-Merrill, MSW, author of the best selling book, Parachutes for Parents, and Dr. Tom Merrill, Board Certified Clinical Psychologist, will bring to the parents in this workshop a completely new way of viewing their children’s development. This unique yet clear perspective allows parents a rare opportunity to rapidly adopt a dramatically new way of interacting with their children that results in a markedly more peaceful and harmonious environment for all family members.

It also results in….

  • A notable rise in the child’s intelligence and ability to use his brightness wisely with charisma and kindness, all essential to good leadership and being a world citizen. 
  • A significant reduction on the part of children to “test their limits” and resist requests for basic cooperation and clear communications.
  • A significant decrease in the need for parents to ‘manage’ their children’s behavior or continually prod them to submit to rules and basic cooperation.
  • A significant increase in the children’s desire and ability to voluntarily cooperate with parents, siblings, teachers and others and to make appropriately loving, kind and caring choices.
  • A significant increase in the children’s ability to learn from their environment and to interact with it at a surprisingly high level.
  • An opportunity for many families considering medication to calm their child or improve his or her ability to focus, to by-pass this course … since many children raised with this model, not only settle down, but are able to sustain normal levels of focus on learning and other tasks.